Mustard Seed Bed and Breakfast on the Llano

A Time to be Thankful

Looking back on the past several months of this year, I am reminded of how crazy our life as a family was, and how I made it crazier!  My husband is very busy building homes and completing large renovations, and we have several other business ventures that we manage, as well as having 3 extremely active kiddos in school.  Needless to say, I didn’t need to add more to our plate.  BUT…I did!

We purchased the house and cottage that is now known as ‘The Mustard Seed B&B on the Llano’ back in May.

I would drive past it every day, (it is right down the street from our family home) and would always wonder what it could look like with a little TLC!  And then it happened, it went on the market! This home was such an eyesore, the cottage had been burnt and the main house had been neglected for some time, but it had so much potential and charm I just couldn’t let it slip away. I begged and begged my husband to consider looking at it, thinking of its potential, the location, everything about it!!  It was perfect!  Finally after weeks of non-stop prodding, he gave in, analyzed it and made an offer! 

We immediately went to work on the house and with a ton of hard work and long hours spent at the property from each member in my family, it became what I dreamed it could be!  It was the perfect little get away spot, tucked back in a corner close to Llano’s downtown area and nestled right on the river. 

I prayed that it would be a relaxing retreat available for people to unwind and de-stress and I think it has become just that!  Today, as I’m writing this, I am thankful for the family that helped me make this a reality and I am thankful that God has given me this opportunity to share a little slice of what I think is heaven, with others. 


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