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The Best Chuck Wagon Cook-Off Happens in Llano TX

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Authentic Chuck Wagons will roll into town in early April for the 16th Annual Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off.  The American Chuck Wagon Association named this event “the Best Chuck Wagon Event” in 2015. This year’s gathering looks to be cookin’ up some great competition. Make your reservation to stay at Mustard Seed B&B on the Llano and plan to enjoy some delicious food while learning about life on the trail.

 The wagons will roll into Badu Park (located less than a mile from our B&B!) and set-up camp on Thursday, April 2nd. Get to the park by noon for the judging of the wagons on Friday, April 3rd.  The chuck wagons are judged on 19 very specific criteria including appearance of the camp, coffee grinder with coffee beans, washbasin, razor, and shaving related items, and period cooking equipment. The most authentic wagon and camp can earn up to 150 points in this first part of the competition. You can stroll around all the camps and learn more about how the west was accessed so many years ago.

After the wagons are judged, each team is given food supplies for the cook-off competition on Saturday, April 4th.  This is big day for the Chuck Wagon teams and for visitors. While the cooks and their teams are preparing the food, enjoy live music starting at 10am. The music continues during mealtime up to 3pm.

People around a camp fire and chuck wagon at nightThe foods prepared are sent to the judges and your (public) meal is served at noon.  Cost for this delicious meal is just $20 and are available for purchase from the Llano Chamber of Commerce beginning on Monday, March 9, 2020. The cook-off judges rate the team’s efforts in six categories: Chuck Wagon authenticity, meat, beans, beans, potatoes, bread, and dessert.  With those different types of foods being judged, imagine how yummy your lunch will be! 

At 3pm on Saturday, April 4th, 2020, the results of the competition are announced. Many previous winners of the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off will be competing again this year. Chuck Wagon teams will travel from as far away as Fort Davis, Texas – that’s a five-hour drive in our current transportation systems! When you see the camps, you can better imagine the challenging experience of driving a team of horse pulling wagons across the country.

Plan your Texas Hill Country getaway to enjoy the 16th Annual Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off. You will feel pampered in our farmhouse style luxury accommodations on the banks of the Llano River.


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