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The 10 Hill Country Spots That Will Make You Look Like a Local

There are several fun activities for any traveler to the Texas Hill Country to do. Millions of people visit the area every year, and the Texas Hill Country will never run out of things to do. However, some activities might be more crowded with tourists and parties visiting the area. While we love a good celebration, busy tours and bachelorette parties can be more of a hassle than a hooray. Sometimes, it’s better to live and do as the locals do. 

Here are 10 Texas Hill Country activities and spots to enjoy that will have you living like a local. 

  1. The Garrison Brothers Distillery 

    This family run distillery offers sit and sip tours Tuesday through Saturday. It’s a whiskey lover’s dream. But the secret that every local should know about? You can volunteer to become a bottler for two days! This comes with perks such as tasting whiskey all throughout the day as you bottle and wax their whiskey. In exchange for you work, you receive breakfast and lunch and a gift package upon completion. Only email subscribers can have a chance to sign up for this experience, however. 

  2. Hilltop Café

    This Fredericksburg restaurant is a perfect marriage of live music and food. Serving locals since the 80s, HIlltop Café is a great find for those wanting to have a country concert with their dinner, with country music icon David Lee performing every Thursday. You never know who might show up at this classic Hill Country restaurant. 

  3. Harry’s Boots

     Boasting a proud 100-year history in San Sabra, Harry’s is an eclectic apparel shop offers the finest western wear. With five buildings to its name, Harry’s has a colorful history of various owners, but it has managed to keep its historic charm. Currently, Harry’s is undergoing some renovations to restore the buildings to their original state. Be sure to pick up a pair of boots and experience history at Harry’s. 

  4. Verdis Chefs Catering & Events

    Sometimes, there needs to be a rest day on your vacation. And while take out is a good option, maybe you should try a personal chef experience. Verdis Chef’s Catering & Events offers a wide variety of catered menus such as bachelorette parties, baby showers, family brunches, to even your own custom menu. They serve Cedar Falls, Burnet, Marble falls and many other areas. 

  5. Jenschke Orchards

    Have you ever wanted to go fruit picking? Ever yearned to bite into a juicy peach that you just plucked off the branch? Well, Jenschke Orchards in Fredericksburg is the stop for you. Don’t worry about something being out of season. This family-owned farm features a variety of fruits to pick from throughout the year. You can even pick your own pumpkin! 

  6. Bend General Store

    All the way out in Bend, Texas, lies the Bend General Store. This store has got you covered. From a menu that features American classics, to fishing supplies, to well, general items you find interesting and want to take home with you. It would be easy to sink an hour or two here without even trying. 

  7. Canyon of the Eagles

    Lovers of the outdoors can find solace along the Lake Buchanan shoreline at the Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and Resort in Burnet, Texas. There’s a plethora of activities, but the main three are the observatory, the hiking trails, and kayaking. Day trippers can pay a flat $75 group fee for a guided nature walk (which must be booked in advance). Kayak rentals are also $75 for a full day (9am-3pm). All outdoor lovers can find something to do at Canyon of the Eagles. 

  8. Willow City Loop

    Not all the natural attractions in the Texas Hill Country need to be turned into a hike. If you come to the area during the right time–between March and May–you’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful wildflowers in Texas! In between Llano, Fredericksburg, and Johnson City is the Willow City Loop. This 13-mile Ranch Road winds through canyons and is a perfect photo op for all sorts of wildflowers. And the best part is you don’t have to leave your car! 

  9. Fall Creek Vineyards

    We’ve gone over whiskey and food, but let’s get into the nitty gritty of why people come to the Texas Hill Country: vineyards. It has two locations, one in Driftwood, the other in Tow, Texas. Run by the Auler family on their farm, the Tow location spans 400 acres in the northwest corner of Lake Buchanan. Tasting days are Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturdays, and only run $20. Find your new favorite bottle of wine in this picturesque winery! 

  10. Mustard Seed B&B on the Llano

    Sometimes a hotel doesn’t give you that living like a local vibe. Located in Llano, Texas, Mustard Seed B&B is a quaint set of vintage, farmhouse style cottages right on the Llano River. There are all sorts of things to do in Llano, like visiting the Llano Updrift, or even just hanging out on the river. Whatever the case, make Mustard Seed the overnight stay you need in Llano. 

Choose any one of these things to do in the Texas Hill Country to make your next trip to the area unique and tourist free! 

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