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3 Reasons Why Weekday Travel is Better than Weekend Travel

Summer is here and people are itching to explore and travel once again! Weekend travel plans are going to come through in abundance. However, sometimes it might be smarter, and cheaper, to make weekday travel plans. Travel can be pricy, and sometimes, plans come together last minute. 

So, here are three reasons why you should consider booking your next stay during the week! 

Beat the Crowds 

For most people, the weekend is the only time they get off. Weekend plans spring up like wildflowers. Because of this, travel destinations become flooded with people who want to get out of the house. And a crowd means a long wait that might eat into time you planned on doing something else, too. So, make those plans for the middle of the week. 

Most people want to get away from the hustle and bustle from daily life. And they don’t want to see it on vacation. Finding crowds and facing long waits on vacation can be a bit of a downer, especially if you don’t have a plan B. 

There’s More to Do 

With the crowd problem solved, the number of things to do opens up. Here in Central Texas, you can get touristy things like Enchanted Rock, or the Texas Capitol, among many other things, out of the way without huge crowds to bog down your visit. You can choose to spend more time thoroughly exploring your chosen destinations, too.  

If you think you’ve explored all you can, think again! Our last blog post showed you how to travel to Central Texas like a local. Find those local holes in the wall when you’re done with the big tourist attractions. 

You might just end up driving around with your free time and find something you can’t find online, as well. A brewery or a winery two exits away? Why not? You have the time because you weren’t trying to mingle through crowds! 

It’s Cheaper 

This last reason is the most important one. Across the board, weekday travel is cheaper than weekend travel. Airfare and any kind of housing accommodation (be it alternative or traditional hotels) are going to charge more for weekend stays. If you’re scoping out a travel destination specifically for a weekend event or getaway, any accommodations will already know about it and it will show in pricing. 

It also helps with availability. If you travel during the week and find your housing of choice, you’ll likely be able to get the room you want for a rate that you want, too. This is especially important for those spontaneous, last-minute trips. No need to try and haggle with your host. And you may even be able to check in sooner and check out later. 

Start Weekday Travel Now

Central Texas is an area that has a lot to offer. So much that it’s hard to do everything in just a weekend. When you start traveling during the week, you can beat the crowd, see more and even save some money. 

Book your next weekday accommodation at the Mustard Seed B&B today! 

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